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Arrail Dental is the leading premium dental services brand in China and targets affluent patients with high purchasing power, primarily in Tier-1 cities. As of March 31, 2021, we operated a total of Arrail clinics in seven cities, namely Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Tianjin, and Xiamen. Most of our clinics are located at prime commercial locations and Class A office buildings.

Customer-focused management mode
All Arrail Dentals are equipped with medical service system of general practice and special practice. The well-established referral and consultation system provides a more comprehensive treatment plan in solving intractable cases.
An institutionalized and routine medical quality management and a supervision system have been built with the execution of advanced medical management mode.
The right of informed consent and appropriate treatment are promises that Arrail has kept for clients. Affairs such as formal writing of cases, follow-up treatment on complicated cases, and conventional use of clinic seals are supervised and managed by specialized medical affair directors to ensure the quality and safety of every customer's medical care.
Quality is life
With a series of medical quality control system such as case discussion, complex case report, case screening and consultation system, clinics ensure that every step during patient treatment, starting from planning till clinical operation, could be enforced. "Medical quality is the clinic's survival" is the consensus reached by every medical team member.
Excellent medical team
A gathering of domestic and oversea elite professionals has become Arrail's human assets. Masters and phDs account for 60% of the numbers of our medical team. Many Arrail dentists graduated from domestic and oversea elite universities, such as Royal College of Dentistry in University of London, Peking University School of Stomatology, West China College of Stomatology Sichuan University etc, and most of the dentists are ADA members.
Strict technical standards and safe facilities
Arrail has adopted international-advanced dental facilities and material, and pioneer to introduce "NOBEL GUIDE" dental implant system from Sweden. In the material selection and design idea of aesthetic restoration, Arrail is especially geared to international standards to ensure post-treatment effect. The introduced Siemens SIRONA x-ray machines are accurate and safe, which enable to reduce radiation hazards efficiently.
Clinics and hospitals owned by Arrail Group all strictly follow ADA standards to perform disinfection to avoid cross contamination. Every clinic is equipped with disinfection room and sterilizing room, and goes through air sterilization using ultraviolet lamp. Medical devices are fully soaked in disinfectants and double disinfected under high temperature and high pressure prior to use. Items that cannot be disinfected under high temperature and high pressure are disposable to make customers enjoy safe dental services.
Service philosophy of "Customers are family members"
There could be no distance from being negative to positive and from suffering to joyfulness. Upholding the service philosophy of "Customers are family members", Arrail's customer service has delighted the customers with its considerate services. With our improved appointment system, text message with detailed appointed clinic information and travel information will be sent to customers after successful appointment, and a phone reminder will be delivered one day ahead of the treatment date. Lifelong dental health profile will be established and kept confidential and protected as promised. The accompanied services provided by medical staffs and their considerate communication will warm and cheer the customers. Season's greeting and regular visit will be provided as well.
Solid domestic and international academic background
Arrial Group actively hold international academic exchanges and has integrated academic exchanges into routine administration, which laid a solid foundation in keeping the overall medical level synchronous with international level.
At present, Arrail has built a long-term sustainable cooperative relationship with multiple well-known dental academic institutions, such as various domestic dental academics and University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, etc.
Since 2003, Arrail Dental has become the first private medical organization to dispatch visiting scholars to University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine for academic exchanges. Elite dentists are sent to study at University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine every year, and high-standard medical practices synchronous with international level are tailored for Arrail to continuously enhance Arrail's overall strength.
Comfortable clinical environment
All clinics owned by Arrail Dental are located in high-grade office buildings or shopping malls in CBD in the first-tier and second-tier cities, with the dedication to putting clients in a comfortable humanized space and turning treatment process into a pleasant treatment experience. Customers will enjoy reading magazines and surfing online in a tidy, bright and cozy waiting room. Sweet and personalized children's consulting rooms and children's corner will help release children's fears of having their teeth checked.
Advanced facilities
Arrail's comprehensive dental chairs are all imported from Siemens, Kavo and MidMark, and Siemens panoramic jaw tomography unit and cephalometric x-ray unit, KAVO dental CT, NOBEL (US) and ITI (Switzerland) implant system used in dental implant, German BEGO system, and materials used in orthodontics such as ORMCO, TOMY, 3M and Invisalign are all equipped to satisfy different needs from patients.
Some key-institution clients
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